AirKnight AK5000 Sound Meter User Manual



1  Power Button 7  Temperature Reading
2  Left Button 8  Humidity Reading
3  Right Button 9  Decibel Reading
4  Menu Button 10  Sound Level Indicators
5  Charging Input 11  Positioning Sticker
6  Microphone Sensor 12  Screws



STEP 1: Plug in the decibel meter using a standard cell phone adapter plug.

STEP 2: Press the Power Button to turn on the decibel meter.

STEP 3: Press the “M” (Menu) Button to choose your desired sound sampling speed. There are 3 options:

1. Fast
2. Medium
3. Slow

STEP 4: Adjust the screen brightness to your desired setting by pressing the Left Button and Right Button.

STEP 5: For wall mounting, follow the instructions below.

1. Identify the proper location and place the Positioning Sticker onto the wall.
2. Make a small (about 6mm) hole at each of the 2 marked positions on the Positioning Sticker.
3. Hammer the white plastic drywall anchors into the holes.
4. Using a screw driver, screw the screws into the drywall anchors, leaving the screws slightly exposed.
5. Hang the decibel meter onto the screws.

STEP 6: Enjoy the added benefits of having an AirKnight in your home!



  • DO NOT touch or poke the Microphone Sensor! It is NOT a reset button. Doing so will damage the product and invalidate the warranty.

  • DO NOT use chemicals or solvents to clean the product as residual fumes will skew air quality readings.
  • DO NOT use chemicals or solvents to clean the product as residual fumes will skew air quality readings.
  • DO NOT put water or other liquids on or near the product to avoid electrical damage.
  • DO NOT allow unauthorized modification or repair of this product.
  • DO NOT take apart or disassemble this monitor. Doing so may damage the product and will invalidate the warranty.
  • This decibel meter is meant to be used indoors and kept dry at all times. It is strongly recommended to store in a cool, dry place.


     Display Method  LED Screen
     Atmospheric Pressure  12.5 PSI - 15.4 PSI
     Sampling Time  1.5 Seconds
     Temperature Range  14°F - 122°F
     Storage Temperature  14°F - 140°F
     Relative Humidity  20% - 85%
     Humidity Range  20% - 85%
     Charging  1000 mAh 5V DC
     Battery  2000 mAh Lithium Ion
     Product Weight  11.3 oz
     Product Size  10.6 x 3.5 x 1.4 Inches
     Concentration Unit Decibel  dBA
     Measuring Range   30 - 130 dBA
     Accuracy  ±1.5 dBA
     Frequency Range  50Hz - 8.5kHz
     Frequency Weighting  A
     Resolution  0.1 dBA



    The use or misuse of this decibel meter is conditioned upon the user’s agreement that in no event shall the manufacturer, importer, reseller, or distributor of this decibel meter be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use of this decibel meter.

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