GasKnight‌ ‌2.0‌ ‌Gas‌ ‌Detector‌ ‌User Manual

WARNING:  While this gas detector can reduce your risk of harm resulting from gas leaks, it can in no way guarantee your safety. Please instead limit gas leaks at their source. Do not depend on this detector alone to save your life. Detector should be replaced 3 years after purchase date. For more info on gas safety and details on how to respond in the event of a gas leak, go to and download our free Ebook.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The use or misuse of this gas detector is conditioned upon the user’s agreement that in no event shall the manufacturer, importer, reseller, or distributor of this gas detector be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use of this gas detector.

Where to Install

  1. Install 3-9 feet (or 1-3 meters) near the suspected gas leak AND 
    Natural Gas – Install 1-3 feet (or 0-1 meter) from the ceiling. 
    Propane/Butane - Install 1-3 feet (0-1 meter) from the floor.
  • DO NOT install in a location that is too hot, cold, humid, windy, dusty, smoky, obstructed or enclosed.
  • DO NOT install near windows, doors, behind furniture or appliances, inside cabinets or enclosed places.
  • DO NOT install anywhere with improper temperature, too much air ventilation, or with lack of airflow.
  • DO NOT install near wet paint, cosmetics, alcohol or other chemical products because they can destroy the sensor.

    How to Install and Use

    1. Mount the detector to your wall by studying the below diagram and following the below mounting instructions.

      2. For wall mounting, make sure the above horizontal line on the mounting plate is parallel to (level with) the floor so that you will have a straight and level view of the LCD screen on your wall.
      3. For ceiling mounting, ensure the horizontal line is in the desired location to give the ideal view of the detector.

      Installing With Screws and Anchors

      A. Using the mounting plate, mark your hanging points with a pencil.

      B. Using a hammer, tap small “pilot holes” into the wall.

      C. DO NOT make the holes wider than the anchors.

      D. Place the anchors over the pilot holes & firmly tap them into the wall until flush.

      E. Place the mounting plate appropriately over the anchors and screw the mounting plate into the wall using the 2 screws.

      F. Attach the detector to the mounting plate by aligning it and twisting it clockwise until you hear the "click.”


      Installing With Double-Sided Adhesive

      A.  Remove the protective film from the double-sided adhesive and stick the double-sided adhesive onto the back of mounting plate.

      B.  Remove the protective film on the other side of the double-sided adhesive, and then fix the mounting plate onto the ceiling/wall.

      C.  Align the detector with the mounting plate’s alignment and turn clockwise until you hear the "click.” 


      How to Use
      1. Plug your GasKnight 2.0 into an electrical outlet using the provided power cord. Fold any extra cord with a twist tie to avoid having an excess, loose hanging cord.

      Note: Immediately after plugging in, the device beeps and begins the 3-minute long warm-up process. 

      2. Wait for the 3-minute warm-up process to finish.

      Note: During the warm-up process, the detector will count down from 180 to 0. After the warm-up process is finished, the detector is operational.

      3. Press the “TEST” button on the side of the detector to ensure the detector is functional (you will hear a beep after pressing “TEST”).

      4. In the event of a gas leak when the gas concentration in the air reaches 8% LEL, the GasKnight 2.0 will alarm with an 85dB siren, a flashing indicator light, and the word “GAS” flashing on the screen.

      5. While the alarm is sounding as a result of a gas leak, you may press the “TEST” button to silence it.

      6. During a gas leak, if you do not press “TEST” to silence the alarm, it will continue to alarm until the LEL reaches 0%. 

      Note: After the LEL has returned to 0%, the siren, blinking indicator light, and flashing “GAS” will stop signifying that the detector has re-calibrated and returned to operational monitoring status.

      7. Enjoy the added safety of having the GasKnight 2.0 in your home.

      Maintenance: Recalibrate each 6 months by unplugging and plugging back in.

      Replace detector 3 years after purchase date.

      Testing: Test weekly. Press the “TEST” button or use a gas/propane source to test. 

      Warranty: 1-year manufacturer warranty + 6 month extension is available if you sign up at


      • Do NOT disassemble the device and do NOT clean the device with chemical or cleaning spray as doing so may damage the sensor. 
      • Do NOT expose the detector to wet paint, cosmetics, alcohol or other chemical products because they can trigger a false alarm. 
      • Do NOT attempt to insert a backup battery as the backup battery function is not operational on GasKnight 2.0.

      Product Specifications


      AC Plug-In + Wall Mount

      Air Pressure


      Input Voltage

      DC5V (Micro USB Standard Connection)

      Power Consumption


      Working Temperature

      32 - 131℉    (0°C - 55°C)

      Working Humidity


      Gas Detection Concentration

      8% LEL

      Detection Area

      375 Square Feet (35 Square Meters)

      Alarm Method

      Siren + LCD Flashes “GAS”

      Alarm Sound


      Sensor Life Span

      3 years


      CE, RoHS


      Additional Features:

      • Dedicated MCU control with high sensitivity
      • Electrochemical gas probe with metal encapsulation
      • Auto detection & restoration
      • SMT process with excellent stability
      • Fire resistant ABS enclosure with anti-pest design
      • Anti-ware PC face plate
      • Omnidirectional air inlets (for improved reliability)
      • Wide environmental adaptability
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