How loud is the GasKnight? Will I hear it if I am upstairs or sleeping?

Each GasKnight alarm is at least 85 dB. Customer feedback has told us that our alarms are quite loud. You likely hear it, even if you are upstairs sleeping.

How do I install the GasKnight Original?

Simply plug it in and wait for it to finish the 3 minute warm-up process.

How do I install the GasKnight 2.0?

Follow the instructions in the user manual to wall mount it (if applicable for you), plug it in using the power cord, and wait for it to finish the 3-minute warm-up process.

Would this work for a gas water heater?


Where should I install my GasKnight?

We recommend installing it 3-9 feet (or 1-3 meters) near the suspected gas leak. If for natural gas, it should ideally be installed 1-3 feet (or 0-1 meter) from the ceiling. Most customers do the best they can given the location of their existing electrical outlets.

Do the GasKnight Original or GasKnight 2.0 models have a cellphone alarm combined with WiFi connection capability?

GasKnights do not have a WiFi function. After researching WiFi detectors, we found that the software for most is overly complex, usually unnecessary, and sometimes unreliable. The GasKnight keeps gas detection simple, the way it should be.

In what language are the voice alerts? Are they understandable?

The alerts are in English. There is no other language option, only English. You may also reference the instructions manual for a print-out of exactly what the alerts say.

How do you turn the alarm off without having to unplug it? I don’t see any buttons

The GasKnight will automatically stop alarming once the gas levels reach a low enough concentration. You may also unplug and plug back in to silence and reset it.

What temperature range will it work in?

The operational temperature of the GasKnight is 32 - 130 degrees Fahrenheit and less then 95% humidity. However, that said, the ideal temperature for it to function best is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Do the GasKnight detectors detect carbon monoxide?

GasKnight gas detectors do NOT detect carbon monoxide (CO).

Does this detect sewer gases?

GasKnight detectors do not detect sewer gases.

Where is it made?

Unlike most other gas detector companies, GasKnight is an American company. Like every single other gas detector company, our products are manufactured abroad.

About how long will this product last before it needs to be replaced?

The lifespan of the GasKnight Original is 5 years while the GasKnight 2.0's lifespan is 3 years although they both may last longer. It is recommended to replace your GasKnight after its useful life has expired to ensure the sensor continues to function properly.

What does it mean if it flashes blue & talks?

If the GasKnight is flashing blue and talking at the same time, this means that it is going through the 3-minute warm-up process (which only takes place immediately after being plugged in).