GasKnight Original Gas Detector User Manual + Instructional Video

WARNING: While this product can reduce your risk of harm resulting from gas leaks, it can in no way guarantee your safety. Please instead limit gas leaks at their source. Do not depend on this detector alone to save your life. Detector must be replaced 5 years after purchase date. For more info on gas safety, go to to download our free E-book.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The use or misuse of this gas detector is conditioned upon the user’s agreement that in no event shall the manufacturer, importer, reseller, or distributor of this gas detector be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use of this gas detector.

Where to Install

  1. Install 3-9 feet (or 1-3 meters) near the suspected gas leak AND
  • Natural Gas – Install 1-3 feet (or 0-1 meter) from the ceiling. 
  • Propane/Butane - Install 1-3 feet (0-1 meter) from the floor.
  • DO NOT install in a location that is too hot, cold, humid, windy, dusty, smoky, obstructed or enclosed.
  • DO NOT install near windows, doors, behind furniture or appliances, inside cabinets or enclosed places. 
  • DO NOT install anywhere with improper temperature, too much air ventilation, or with lack of air flow.

    How to Install and Use

    1. Plug your GasKnight into an electrical outlet. You may also use an extension cord to plug in.

      Note: Immediately after plugging in, the device says “welcome to your GasKnight gas detector” and the 3-minute-long warm-up process will begin. During the warm-up process, the blue LED light will blink every 3 seconds and a voice will periodically proclaim “warming up.”

      2. Test the 3 levels of alarms. During the warm-up process, lightly tap the “GasKnight” logo on the front of the detector to test that it is working.

      Note: After you tap the logo, the red LED will flash and the detector will play the 1st level voice alarm. Tap lightly again to hear the 2nd level alarm. Tap gently again to hear the 3rd level alarm. See below for details.

       Alarm Level
      Gas Level Voice Alarm Says… Sound/Flash
      1 2.5 % LEL “Suspected gas leak, please check it.” Yes
      2 6% - 8.8% LEL “Gas leak! Please open the doors and windows." Yes
      3 >8.8% LEL “Danger! Serious gas leak!” Yes


      3. Wait for the 3-minute warm-up process to finish and then enjoy the added safety of having a GasKnight in your home.

      Note: After the warm-up process, the detector is operational. Tapping the GasKnight logo will not trigger any test alarms after the warm-up. The blue LED light will blink once every 10 seconds showing that the detector is operational. If a gas leak occurs, the red LED light and voice alarm will both go off. Tap the GasKnight logo or unplug the detector to silence the alarm.

      Maintenance: Recalibrate each 6 months by unplugging and plugging back in.

      Replace detector 5 years after purchase date.

      Testing: Unplug the detector and plug it back in to restart the warm-up process. To test, either tap the GasKnight logo during the warm-up process or use a live gas/propane source. Test weekly.

      Note: The GasKnight logo is the test / program button, but does not work while the detector is operational. The test button only works during the 3-minute warm-up process.

      Warranty: 1-year manufacturer warranty + 1-year extension is available if you sign up at

      Product Specifications:



      AC Plug-In


      GB15322.2 : GB15322.5

      Working Voltage


      Power Consumption

      Static Current: ≤ 30uA    Alarm Current: ≤ 30mA

      Working Temperature

      32 - 131℉    (0°C - 55°C)

      Working Humidity


      Detection Concentration

      GAS: 0 - 10,000ppm

      Detection Area

      323 Square Feet (30 Square Meters)

      Alarm Method

      Siren/LED Flashing Light/Voice Output

      Alarm Sound


      Product Life Span

      5 years

      Additional Features:

      • Gas concentration voice alarm in 3 levels (low/middle/high)
      • Dedicated microprocessor control, Strong environmental adaptability
      • Anti-dust, pest control
      • SMT with good stability
      • MCU intelligent control to reduce false alarms