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Product ASIN Date Ordered Order Number Buyer Name Shipping Date returned Refunded? Customer Comment
AK1000 White B09LY1QBDM 11/7/2023 113-9465189-3584218 Jonathan Han Second Day Yes When has shoewer not correct numbers
AK1000 White B09LY1QBDM 11/14/2023 113-5810503-9394600 Jonathan Han Expedited No
AK1000 Black B0C89B5NB2 11/16/2023 113-0473419-6777841 Jonathan Han Expedited Yes
AK1000 White B09LY1QBDM 11/24/2023 112-4131643-1882627 Anastasia Kudsi Expedited 11/29/2023 No Na
AK1000 White B09LY1QBDM 11/27/2023 112-7835961-7729030 Anastasia Kudsi Expedited 11/29/2023 No Na
AK1000 White B09LY1QBDM 11/28/2023 112-4287223-8437031 Anastasia Kudsi Expedited 11/29/2023 No Na
AK1000 Black B0C89B5NB2 11/20/2023 113-5719065-2898645 Zhou Xinghao Expedited 12/5/2023 Yes Air quality numbers keep increasing when keep this monitor open, had to turn off and reset it
AK1000 White B09LY1QBDM 11/20/2023 114-2640206-0589016 Lily Gill Expedited Yes
AK1000 Black B0C89B5NB2 11/7/2023 114-6922880-7365845 Lily Gill Expedited 12/6/2023 Yes
AK1000 White B09LY1QBDM 12/1/2024 111-2510021-2983459 Yi Du Standard 12/9/2023 Yes The reading from it is so different from my other devices. Dubious of its accuracy.
AK1000 White B09LY1QBDM 12/6/2023 111-8431273-8004267 Haokun Chen Expedited 12/11/2023 Yes it seems the HCHO level fluctuate a lot and battery too bad
AK1000 White B09LY1QBDM 12/15/2023 111-6120912-3329826 Jiana Huang Expedited 12/18/2023 No incorrect data
AK1000 White B09LY1QBDM 12/14/2023 114-8921182-6683411 yuran guo Expedited 12/18/2023 No The reading is not accurate
AK1000 White B09LY1QBDM 12/5/2023 113-8839817-6681030 Justin Chan Expedited No Item arrived defective
AK1000 White B09LY1QBDM 12/9/2023 113-7992089-2932247 Justin Chan Expedited No Product is defected,screen is missing pixels
AK1000 White B09LY1QBDM 12/19/2023 114-5476526-9159411 Aohan Lin Expedited 12/21/2023 No The hcho test is not accurate and keep displaying 0
AK1000 White B09LY1QBDM 12/21/2023 112-5305576-9794647 AlanYang Expedited 12/24/2023 No the digit number display is broken, perhaps this item is defective.
AK1000 White B09LY1QBDM 12/26/2023 111-6114946-5549003 Shu Yifan Expedited 12/27/2023 No Not enough accurate
AK1000 White B09LY1QBDM 12/28/2023 111-2503417-7139411 Ye Xiao Expedited 12/31/2023 No it requires to be charged all the time
AK1000 White B09LY1QBDM 12/28/2023 114-1950674-4509037 Jon Lu Expedited 12/30/2023 Yes Inconsistent readings on temperature
AK1000 White B09LY1QBDM 1/1/2024 113-8295372-0637053 Chuyao Second Day 1/6/2024 Yes The monitor is not working well. It even told me co2 when I am outdoor
AK1000 White B09LY1QBDM 1/5/2024 111-2984196-6368255 Nancy R Lee Expedited 1/6/2024 Yes The plug overheated badly within minutes of being plugged in.
AK1000 White B09LY1QBDM 1/10/2024 111-0389664-1729012 Tianshi Gao Expedited No The reading is not accurate
AK1000 White B09LY1QBDM 1/9/2024 112-2974418-9682642 Jacky Wang Expedited 1/12/2024 No HOCO read doesn't seem accurate
AK1000 White B09LY1QBDM 1/19/2024 114-5368693-7713013 Fang Zhiwei Expedited 1/21/2024 No Inaccurate meters
AK1000 White B09LY1QBDM 1/18/2024 113-9263632-0193051 zzh Standard 1/23/2024 No the HCHO and TVOC reading is not accurate and consistent
AK1000 White B09LY1QBDM 1/16/2024 114-7901751-4328202 jonathan vega Expedited No Looks used…
The box had no sealing stickers of any kind so I thought maybe they just don’t use them, ok fine. When I opened it up the device had fingerprints all over it and the cords are strewn about at the bottom. Definitely does not look like a new product.